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The Most Common Types Of Back Injuries

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Many types of accidents can result in back injuries, one of the most common and persistent types of injuries.  These injuries can result in missed work, loss of income, and severe pain for those affected.  Below are some of the most common types of back injuries.

Fractured Vertebrae
Fractured vertebrae usually occur as the result of a high-velocity accident such as a fall from a significant height or a serious car crash. Seniors are especially at risk for these fractures due to reduced bone density. Sports accidents may also cause fractured vertebrae. The most common symptom of this injury is back pain that worsens with movement. If there is also a spinal cord injury, the victim may also experience bowel or bladder dysfunction, numbness, weakness, or tingling.

Sprains and Strains
The medical term “strain” refers to a torn tendon or muscle. This differs from the meaning of sprain, which refers to a torn or stretched ligament. Back and hamstring muscle strains are two of the most common types of this injury. Symptoms of a strain include muscle spasms, difficulty moving the muscle, pain, and swelling. Sprain symptoms include swelling, inability to move the affected joint, pain, and bruising.

Herniated Disks
The spine consists of vertebrae cushioned by soft cartilage disks. The disks help keep vertebrae in place, aid in movement and help protect the spinal cord. When one of these disks ruptures or slips out of place, it is known as a herniated disk. Sometimes, the disk presses on a nerve and causes additional symptoms. The symptoms of a herniated disk include tingling, numbness, back pain that spreads to the legs and buttocks (if the injury affects the lower back), muscle spasms, and neck pain that spreads to the upper arms and shoulders (if the injury affects the upper back).

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