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Safety & Property Liability

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When you go to a property owned by someone else, you are, at least to some degree, putting your safety in the hands of the property owner. It is important for property owners to be respectful of this responsibility and to do what they can to provide guests with an environment that is safe and hazard-free.

One of the most common premise related accidents involve falls, such as slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents.  That being the case, it is important that property owners and tenants take steps to prevent falls. 

  • Here are some tips for everyone concerned with fall related accidents;

  • Ensure that any stairs and walkways on the property are in good condition, clear or obstructions and properly lit. If a property owner detects any hazards or damage to these areas, they should take prompt steps correct the issue.

  • Floors should be free of are spills; as spills can pose a major slipping risk. Thus, property owners should make sure to clean up any spills they find on their floors as quickly as possible.   Utilize any “warning/hazard” signage to indicate wet surfaces while they dry or while taking steps to clean the area.

  • Take steps to relocate electrical cords away from walkways and traffic areas where guests may trip on them.    

Of course, no matter what steps a property owner or tenant takes, an accident can still happen.  When a fall accident takes place, based on all the factors involved, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault and to what degree.  Determination of what/who was responsible for a given falling accident can require detailed reviews of all different sorts of evidence. Personal injury attorneys can help victims of falling accidents investigate the details and determine whether what, if any, legal actions may be appropriate

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