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Summer Liability & Safety

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If you suffer injury from a hazard on private, public, or commercial property, you might have the right to monetary damages.  Generally, property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe, but the scope of this duty varies significantly depending on the specific facts and situation. Summer activities tend to include resorts, swimming pools, amusement parks, concerts, and other seasonal forms of recreation.  

When property owners fail to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition to reduce the risk of injury to visitors, owners can be liable for failing to keep the property reasonably safe or failing to adequately warn visitors. Again, the exact parameters of this duty depend on many factors that include but are not limited to the status of the visitor (e.g. the reason for the visit), the reason for the visitor's presence, the type of hazard, and the owner’s actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard. Constructive knowledge refers to situations where an owner “should have known of the hazard.”  For example, the hazard was reported to the owner, or it was present for an extensive period.  

While injuries and accident can occur on the property of another at any time during the year, certain varieties of premises liability claims tend to be more prevalent during the summer.  A few examples of common summer accidents and hazards are listed below.

Swimming Pools: As the heat rises, children and adults tend to gravitate to public pools, friend’s pools, and community pools.  While swimming constitutes a way to stay cool, fit, and entertained, falls on wet surfaces and drownings can occur.  Serious accidents can happen without proper maintenance of the pool’s surrounding area and proper supervision.

Summer Festivals & Amusement Parks: While roller coasters and other rides can offer thrills and excitement, defects can lead to malfunctions that cause injury.  Slip, trip, and fall accidents also occur frequently on the grounds of amusement parks.  

Concerts: While an outdoor venue can provide a great way to take in a summer concert, inadequate security, alcohol fueled rowdiness, and improper maintenance can lead to acts of violence or fall-related injuries.

Cab/Uber Rides: When you are traveling, you often must entrust your safety to paid driving services like a traditional cab company, Uber, or Lyft.  When these drivers fail to obey traffic laws or to drive in a safe and prudent manner, the result can be collisons that cause serious injuries.  If ride services fail to properly screen drivers, passengers also can become victims of acts of violence.

Resorts/Hotels: Whether you are staying at a luxury resort or a discount motel, lodging facilities can be the sight of many types of injuries and accidents.  A handful of examples of resort and hotel accident and incidents include:

  • Recreational sport activities
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Escalator and elevator accidents
  • Acts of violence/inadequate security
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Hot tub/spa accidents
  • Gym equipment accidents
  • Defective furniture accidents

Dog Attacks (Animal Bites): When the weather gets warmer, people tend to spend more time with pets on walks and other public places.  Property owners who allow pets on their premises or owners of the animals can be liable for bites of other injuries suffered in an encounter with a dog.

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