Jury's Ruling Favors Ford

A jury's ruling this week favored Ford Motors in a case involving a 2003 crash that killed a Missouri state trooper and injured one person, according to court documents.

The suit was filed by injury victim Michael Nolte, who claimed Ford was partially responsible for his injuries due to a manufacturing defect in the company's Crown Victoria model.

On May 22, 2003, Nolte was pulled over by Officer Michael Newton for remaining too long in the passing lane and placed in the back seat of Newton's patrol car. A large truck traveling at 65 miles per hour rear-ended the patrol car, causing it to burst into flames after a fuel filler tube became detached from the Crown Victoria during the crash.

Nolte suffered intense burns and was hospitalized for 65 days, during which time he had to undergo several painful surgeries and skin grafts. He has also been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

The jury found on Monday that Ford is not responsible for Nolte's injuries, but ruled that the truck driver's employer must pay $8.5 million in damages.