First Lawsuit Filed Over NYC Ferry Crash

The first of many expected lawsuits was filed this week by a passenger on board a New York City ferry boat that crashed into a pier early this month, according to the plaintiff's attorney.

The lawsuit was filed by Desmond Sullivan, who was one of 83 passengers who were injured when the ferry boat crashed into Manhattan's Pier 11 near Wall Street on January 9.

The suit alleges that Sullivan suffered injuries to his back and neck and is still receiving treatment for those injuries.

One crew member and 83 other passengers were injured in the crash.

Attorneys for Seastreak LLC, the company that operated the ferry, filed a motion to have passenger claims adjudicated in maritime court rather than Superior Court in the passengers' home counties.

If Seastreak's motion is successful, damages would be limited and the injured passengers would not be able to receive a jury trial.