Family of Woman Killed on Roller Coaster Sues Six Flags

The family of a Texas woman who was killed after being thrown from a roller coaster at Six Flags is suing the amusement park, according to court documents. 

The woman, 52-year-old Rose Esparza, was thrown from the Texas Giant roller coaster on July 19 at Six Flags Over Texas, located in Arlington.

Esparza's family filed suit this week, claiming the lap bar on the car in which she was riding failed to lock, causing her to be hurled from the roller coaster.

Esparza's daughter and son-in-law, who were seated in the car in front of her, heard her screaming as she clung to the car after the first drop and witnessed her fall 75 feet to her death.

The lawsuit alleges the death was caused by the negligence of ride operators, as well as a technical malfunction and design flaw on the car's lap bars.

Esparza's family is seeking over $1 million in damages.