Virginia Supreme Court: Virginia Tech Not Negligent in 2007 Shooting

According to a state Supreme Court ruling on Thursday, Virginia Tech University did not act negligently when it failed to warn students of potential criminal activity in the hours leading up to the 2007 shooting on campus in which 32 people were killed.

The wrongful death case was filed by the families of two students, Julia Pryde and Erin Peterson, who were killed in the massacre.

The Court's ruling worked to overturn a previous ruling by a Circuit Court jury in Montgomery County in 2012. In its 15-page decision, the Supreme Court stated that the school wasn't negligent because there was no reason to expect the school to warn students of the potential for criminal acts committed by a third party.

The perpetrator, student Seung-Hui Cho, committed suicide after killing 32 people and injuring 23 others.