Lawsuit Filed Over Deadly Fire Escape Collapse in Philly

A lawsuit has been filed against a Philadelphia landlord this week over a fourth-floor fire escape collapse, which injured two tenants and killed another.

The suit was filed by the families of 22-year-old Albert Suh, who died after the fire escape outside his fourth-floor apartment collapsed while he and two roommates were using it as a balcony, and 24-year-old Laura O'Brien, one of the roommates who suffered injuries in the collapse.

According to court records, Suh, O'Brien and a third roommate stepped out to the balcony during a birthday party they were hosting on January 12 when the fire escape detached from the building and plummeted to the ground.

Suh was killed and O'Brien suffered a broken back, which required doctors to surgically implant steel rods into her spine, and a serious leg wound which required 60 stitches.

The third roommate, who also suffered serious injuries in the incident, is not a party to the suit.

The families allege that the collapse resulted from a lack of routine maintenance and inspection.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are the landlord, Alex Khorram, and a business he owns, the Khorram Group of Newtown Square.

Investigators determined that the metal nails securing the fire escape to the exterior of the building were rusty, which caused them to break.