Court: Man Injured by Skydiver Cannot Sue Host of Charity Event

A man who was injured at a charity event in Wisconsin when he was struck by a descending skydiver is barred from suing the host of the event, according to a court ruling on Thursday.

The lawsuit was filed by Stephen Scheuren against Cheryl Vogel and her bar, the Smiling Moose Saloon and Grill, after a skydiver descending onto a field outside the bar slid on a paper plate that was lying on the ground and struck Scheuren and several other bystanders.

The skydivers were part of the 2009 Moosefest, a charity event held each year in Newton, Wisconsin.

This week, the state Court of Appeals issued a ruling that Vogel and her bar were protected by the state's "recreational immunity" statute.

Under the statute, a recreational property owner does not have a duty to warn of potentially dangerous conditions or activities on the premises.