Outback Steakhouse Sued Over Bits of Broken Plate in Mashed Potatoes

An Oregon man has filed a lawsuit against Outback Steakhouse, claiming he broke two teeth when he bit down on porcelain from a broken plate in the mashed potatoes served to him at the chain's Portland location.

The suit, filed by Roger Bransetter in Multnomah County Circuit Court last week, is seeking $48,000 in damages. Bransetter claims he suffered two cracked molars in the 2012 incident, which required dental implants to replace the teeth.

According to lawsuit documents, Bransetter alleges that a manager at the restaurant told him that bits of a porcelain plate that was broken in the kitchen had fallen into the mashed potatoes.

Bransetter is charging the restaurant owners, Evergreen Restaurant Group, with negligence because the company's managers failed to warn customers of a potential hazard and failed to discard the mashed potatoes after the plate was broken.