Families of Two Victims Killed in Drunk Driving 'Affluenza' Case Reach Settlements

The families of two victims killed by a teen drunk driver last year in Texas have reached a settlement with the driver's family.

In the highly-publicized case, the teen's attorney claimed he wasn't responsible for his actions because he suffered from "affluenza," a condition caused by his wealthy upbringing. The teen's blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit for adults at the time of the crash.

The families sued for compensation in civil court after the criminal court judge sentenced the teen to only 10 years' probation and psychiatric therapy for killing four people and injuring two others.

The amount of the settlements were not disclosed, and the teen driver's family still faces a civil lawsuit filed by the family of another teenager killed in the crash and suits filed by the two people injured in the crash.

"Affluenza" is not recognized as a medical condition by the American Psychiatric Association.