Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Tracy Morgan has filed a lawsuit against Walmart, targeting one of the corporation's truck drivers.

A commercial truck struck a limousine that carried the “30 Rock” comedian, among other passengers, injuring Morgan and several others.

According to Morgan, Walmart's negligence in the ownership and operation of the truck was a “substantial contributing factor” in the crash that injured him.

The driver, Kevin Roper, has pleaded not guilty to the charged of death by auto and assault by auto.

The criminal complaint accused Roper of driving “without having slept for a period of in excerss of 24 hours, resulting in a motor vehicle accident.” Walmart issued a statement that said Roper “was operating within the federal hours of service regulations.”

A National Transportation Safety Board investigation revealed Roper was traveling at 65 mph in a 45 mph zone before the collision occurred. He had also been on duty for 13.5 hours when the crash happened, which is within the federal guidelines that limit work shifts to 14 hours and a maximum of 11 hours behind the wheel.