Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Drug Rehab Center

A family is suing the employer of a drunk substance-abuse counselor who struck and killed a man with her car in Torrance, California.

Sherri Wilkins consumed three bottles of vodka and a can of beer before leaving her job at a treatment center and hitting Phillip Moreno, 31.

According to the lawsuit, Wilkins drove two miles “with Moreno splayed out across her windsheild before motorists swarmed her at a traffic light and forced her to stop.”

The lawsuit alleges that Twin Town Treatment Center, the drug rehabilitation center Wilkins works for, did not properly monitor her. Wilkins has a history of being an addict and would allegedly conduct treatment sessions while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“This accident was foreseeable and preventable if Sherri Wilkins' supervisors had acted on the red flags,” attorney Brian Kabateck said.