Family of Man Allegedly Killed by Drunk Driver Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A family in Overland Park, Kansas, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver who is charged with killing their father.

According to prosecutors, 17-year-old driver Conner Estrella was on probation and violated his curfew when he drove drunk and hit Kevin Moroney, 52, and his girlfriend standing next to him.

The Moroney children filed the lawsuit against both Estrella and his parents, alleging they were negligent in giving their son access to a car and not keeping track of his whereabouts while he was on probation.

Moroney's family filed the lawsuit “to spread awareness and just ask that people talk with their kids about drinking and driving, underage drinking, and keep tabs on them and where they're at and just be responsible parents.”

Prosecutors have requested that Conner Estrella be tried as an adult.