Ikea Named In Toddler Death Lawsuit

philly.com - January 08, 2016

The parents of 2-year old Camden Ellis have filed a wrongful death suit against Ikea after their toddler was killed by a falling dresser. The lawsuit alleges that Ikea sold the dresser despite knowing that it was unstable. It also accuses Ikea of designing and selling dressers that fail to meet the furniture industry's minimum safety standards.

This is the second time in less than a year that the Swedish furniture chain has been brought to court over the death of a toddler. Lawyers for the plaintiffs have said that the Ikea dressers in question are inherently unstable and that Ikea wrongfully places the burden of anchoring them to the wall on consumers.

Ikea has declined to comment on the trial, citing a policy against discussing ongoing litigation.

Tricia L. Nadolny