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1 In 5 Car Accidents Take Place In Parking Lots

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Did you know one of every five vehicle accidents happens in a parking lot? 9% of vehicle fatalities are caused by vehicles backing up. But, it’s not just bad drivers. Many people each year are injured in parking lots.  Most injuries are avoidable and usually, some kind of negligence causes the injury.

Here are the most common causes of parking lot injuries:

  • slip on wet or icy surface
  • vehicle injury
  • trip hazard
  • fall in pothole
  • poor visibility
  • lack of stop signs
  • no posted speed limit
  • lack of pedestrian safety features
  • unmarked crosswalk zones

People tend to feel safer in parking lots. But the reality is, parking lots can be very dangerous. There are a variety of factors that contribute to how parking lot injuries happen.


Bad lighting can contribute to poor visibility. Physical obstacles, like poles and columns, can also block the view of pedestrians. Even a vehicle’s blind spots contribute to poor visibility. This increases the likelihood of an accident due to not being able to see adequately.


If there is inclement weather, snow and ice may be present on the parking lot grounds. In some cases, painted surfaces are extra slick when wet. This can cause slip and falls, leading to serious injury.


If the grounds are improperly maintained, it can cause injuries. Failure to identify or remove trip hazards is dangerous. Potholes need repair. Stumps and hoses are trip hazards. The grounds must be safe for everyone.


If there is not proper security, especially in high crime areas, injuries may occur. Security guards or cameras can stop robberies and injuries.


Even parking lots need speed limits and stop signs. A lack of stop signs placed where pedestrians cross creates a hazard. Parking lots need Speed limit signs throughout the property to deter speeding.


There are a lot of distractions in parking lots. The National Safety Council reports many drivers are distracted in parking lots. In their study, many drivers reported making calls, texting, and watching videos while driving in parking lots.

If you have a parking lot injury, you may be wondering who is responsible. When the property owner or business was negligent, they are liable for your injuries.

If you are injured by a car, the driver may be liable. In some cases, drivers AND property owners are responsible.

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