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Autumn brings more opportunity for personal injury.

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Autumn brings more opportunity for personal injury. The blanket of darkness and falling debris like leaves and tree branches may put families and individuals in danger without them even realizing it. 

May be much more complex than they appear to be. Slip and fall injuries can lead to broken bones, fractures, sprains, and head injuries.  Fallen branches, leaves, and other natural autumn elements may stick in walkways and sidewalks. One in five slip and fall injuries result in broken bones. It is easy to get distracted and fall, but watching your step just might save you time, money, and a bruised elbow. 

People slip and fall in businesses all the time during any season. If business owners do not keep their businesses in safe conditions, they may be held liable for any injuries sustained due to this negligence. If you do slip and fall while out shopping, be sure to report your injury to the store manager and have a report written up. Then seek legal counsel about your options under the law--you may be entitled to damages to help cover your medical bills to recover from your injury.

Every autumn, there’s less time to complete tasks in sunlight. More individuals make their work commute in the dark. Statistically, driving in the dark is more dangerous due to low visibility. 

People need to be as vigilant as possible when driving on the roads. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists have a legal right to use the road as well, so it is best for all drivers to take a second look before stepping on the gas pedal. 

FALLING DEBRIS INJURIESA second look at the ground can prevent injuries to the body. It is best to stay conscious of the trees in your surrounding areas to prevent further damage.

If the debris is on your property, do not shy away from cleaning it up at least once a week to avoid injuries. This could save yourself the trouble of a fall and any other individuals on your property. If the debris is on someone else’s property or another business, they could be considered at fault for negligence.

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