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Avoiding Summer Roadway Accidents

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With summer public roads and highways, which see a lot of traffic and more teens, tourists, and individuals who have been celebrating than other times of the year.  More traffic means more accidents. 

To help you stay safe, we have outlined a few of the reasons why car accidents are likely to increase during summer:

Young drivers – Teens and young adults are free from school and college, and they know this full well. With more young drivers on the road, many of whom want to get out and about with friends, there are increased risks. Teens themselves faces the greatest risks of any age group on the road, which is why the period between the Memorial Day holiday and Labor Day weekend have been dubbed the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer. Teens and young drivers need to remember their responsibilities when on the road, and that they should always avoid distractions, driving, and reckless or unsafe driving behaviors.

Tourists – Summer months provide more time for vacations, which means more tourists on the road. Because tourists who choose to drive or rent a car are unfamiliar with local roadways and local laws, they are susceptible to dangerous driving. This includes disobeying traffic laws at unfamiliar intersections or being unaware of their surroundings when needing to make lane changes or exit the highway. Be aware that out-of-towners may make sudden moves, and follow at a safe distance, control your speed, and be extra vigilant.

More traffic – Summer and summertime events can draw big crowds to your local roads. Be prepared for increases in traffic, especially around holidays. By controlling your speed and following at safe distances you reduce risks of wrecks when traffic becomes suddenly congested. You should also avoid distractions, including cell phones, as they can be immensely dangerous in stop and go traffic.

Drunk driving – Because summer is time for celebration, and because they are several major holidays during the summer months, alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and deaths often increase. If you have plans to enjoy your summer, do so without getting behind the wheel under the influence. Plan for a ride, stay the night, or take a cab or rideshare if you drink. Being aware that impaired motorists may be on the road, especially during holidays, is also important.

Summer is also a great time to make sure your car is in top shape with a vehicle safety and inspection.

Check the fluids that maintain your car. These include motor oil, transmission, brake, power steering fluid, windshield wash, antifreeze, and coolant. The levels of all these fluids can be measured by you yourself. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual and look for the under-hood illustration that shows the locations.

Inspect your tires. Tires should have adequate tread depth, and the air pressure should be tested and inflated accordingly. Make sure you have the necessary tire replacement equipment onboard and that the spare tire is in good condition.

Take care of cooling. The cooling system is vital during the warm summer months. With the vehicle running, inspect the radiator hoses to make sure they are in good condition and that no coolant is leaking (which may appear as steam).

Test all lights including headlights, turn signals, and hazards.

Replace windshield wiper blades, on average each year, as the harsh winter months subject them to significant wear.

The following is a list of safety items you should have in your car:
Jumper cables
Road flares
Basic tools including vehicle jack, screwdriver, etc.
First-aid kit
Mobile phone and charger
Drinking water

No matter how cautious you are of roadway risks, there is always the threat of preventable accidents when others are negligent. If you are involved in an accident, contact us.  We have over 40 years of experience getting our clients the justice and compensation they deserve.  Call us for a free consultation at 414 276 1233.