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Bicycle Accidents & Injury Cases

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Because bicyclists aren’t afforded the same physical protection as drivers, many bicycle accident victims suffer serious injuries, resulting in costly medical bills and a long road to recovery.

Bicyclists can recover financial compensation for the damages they have suffered in an accident with a driver.  However, there are a few serious mistakes that accident victims often make during the legal claims process that can severely damage or destroy their case.

Not going to the doctor immediately or gaps in treatment is a problem we run into. Medical treatment and documented records from a certified physician serve as the key pieces of evidence in any personal injury claim. Without records of your diagnosis and treatment for your injuries, it’s difficult for even the most experienced attorneys to prove your case and recover a fair settlement on your behalf.

Injured bicyclists should seek treatment immediately following an accident in order to establish clear records of their injury and receive a documented diagnosis from a medical doctor that attributes the injury to the accident. Delaying or failing to get medical treatment is perhaps the biggest mistake we see accident victims make when it comes to pursuing a personal injury claim.

Over-explaining the accident to the insurance adjuster can hurt you. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to give the impression that they are on your side. In reality, insurance companies’ primary goal is profitability which is achieved by paying out as little as possible when it comes to settling claims at the expense of innocent victims.

Insurance adjusters will try to use a claimant’s own statements and admissions against them to achieve this goal, so it’s very important to be careful when giving a recorded statement. In fact, it’s usually in a victim’s best interests to consult with an attorney before agreeing to give a recorded statement.

It’s often in a bicycle accident victim’s best interests to consult with a lawyer to learn more about their legal rights and options for pursuing a claim. The qualified, experienced bicycle accident attornies at LDM Law can help victims identify other possible sources of insurance coverage and explain the basics of the legal process. And since we offer free initial consultations, injured bicyclists have nothing to lose by reaching out to learn more about their legal rights and options for pursuing a claim. 

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