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Buying A Motorcycle? Here Are Some Things You Should Consider

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Many factors come into play when you want to choose a motorcycle suitable for your needs. We’ve compiled a short list of considerations to keep in mind when making your purchase. 

Test Rides

Making the investment in such an expensive machine, one that involves such physical and mental integration with our minds and bodies, somewhat begs for a test ride. 

In most casese, the overwhelming majority of your doubts and questions can be removed with just a little time riding any given machine. (Of course this would be done after you’ve gained your motorcycle endorsement, and therefore have experience on at least one motorcycle.)

Let’s say you have a particular brand and model in mind. What now? Getting the right sized bike is key. Buy a bike that is comfortable and at a good ride height for you, as your overall safety and comfort depend on it. A good way to test your fit on any bike, is to sit forward on the saddle and see if your feet touch the ground.

If they won’t reach… you might be too short and should consider looking at shorter options (at least to start.) 

Insuring and Licensing Your First Motorcycle

Everyone should have an official motorcycle license obtainable from your local DMV in order for you to safely and legally drive a motorcycle. Licensing isn’t only important for legal reasons though. Most municipalities will only provide a license after thorough rider testing, both by written test, and actual riding skills, which all combine for a greater likelihood of safe travel in the future.

Many motorcycle dealerships offer classes, so they are a good place to start for riding leassons.  The cost and length of course may differ depending on where you take your classes but, upon completion, riders should recieve documents to take to the DMV.

Motorcycle Insurance

Just like with regular cars and trucks, you should obtain the proper insurance  to be legally registered for use on public roads. Make sure you protect both yourself and your investment with proper medical insurance, and comprehensive vehicle coverage to protect the investment in the case of theft, damage, or incidents with uninsured or underinsured motorists.

How Much Power Should I Start with for My First Motorcycle?

Engine size isn’t the only factor when it comes to "power" of your bike. The potential for creating power is also influenced by how heavy the bike is. Also factors like the type of transmission, chain, belt, or shaft drive, wheel sizes, tire types, etc. can rob a motorcycle’s power, so these are all factors that greatly influence how fast you’ll go. Tail all those thoughts together with the fact that we are completely exposed (not behind seatbelts or airbags) on a motorcycle, and remember … just about every motorcycle made is plenty fast!  In addtion to test driving, talk to motorcycle experts from dealership, local riding clubs and fellow riders.    Get their input and discuss their experiences as it relates to being a new motorcycle rider. 

Should You Be Buying a New or Used Motorcycle?

As is true with so many purchases we make, buying a used machine can make for quite an initial cost reduction. Furthermore, buying one that may already have imperfections or damage to it can take some of the pressure off a new rider who is otherwise trying to keep their bike in ‘mint’ condition. While we’re always cheering for riders to stay safe and avoid injury, it’s been said many times that “the first scratch is the best,