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Child Safety Seats & Winter Driving

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When the temperatures fall, your instinct is to bundle up your child in as many layers as possible to help protect him from the frigid weather.  When it comes to car safety, parents should remove children's winter coats before strapping their children into auto seats.   

According University of MI researchers,  thick winter clothing can lead to the auto seat straps not being tight enough to keep the child securely in the seat. Loose straps on a child's auto seat can be life-threatening, and might be the difference between a couple of scratches or your child being ejected altogether from the seat during a collision.

Experts recomment that you take your child to the car with his or her coat unzipped to take off once they get into the car.  To keep a child warm in the winter while in the auto, a jacket or blanket can be draped over the child. After all, it's better to have a slightly cold child than a seriously injured child due to an innocent mistake.

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