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Don't Underestimate The Seriousness Of A Back Injury

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A back injury is one of the most common kinds of injuries people can get in car crashes, fall down accident and injuries at work.  They can range from a temporary tweak to a very serious, debilitating kind of injury which could require multiple surgeries and mean that you may never return to work.  

But the real danger of a back injury is this:  ALMOST ALL BACK INJURIES HAVE THE SAME NAGGING PAIN OR TIGHTNESS IMMEDIATELY AFTER AN ACCIDENT AND IN SOME CASES THE PAIN INCREASES RATHER THAN DECREASES WITH TIME.    So, having the same symptoms, you don't know whether your injury will get better or how serious it is until weeks or months later.  

That means that thousands of people who have been involved in a auto accident or a work injury start out with mild tightness and complaints of pain.  The pain and tightness and disability grows over the hours and days after the back injury.  And then, for the more minor injuries, the patient starts to get better, and for the unfortunate people with serious injuries, the pain get worse and worse until it is unbearable and debilitating.

Some back injuries involve actual broken bones — fracture of the bony vertebrae.  With this kind of back injury, pain and disability/inability to walk is almost instant after the crash or accident.

But the vast majority of back injuries involve the softer, gel-like disks in the back, which are between and cushion the vertebrae. Trauma like an accident, a fall, or a work injury, can result in damage or a tear to these disks, which are nature’s “shock absorbers