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Emergency Rooms vs. Urgent Care

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Emergency Rooms vs. Urgent Care
After a car accident, even if you do not believe emergency treatment is necessary, it is still essential that you seek medical treatment immediately. You may not show immediate signs, but could sustained life threatening injuries such as internal bleeding, nerve damage, or spinal injuries. Remember the rule, if your two-ton car sustained damage in the accident, it is likely your body did too. Whether an emergency room or urgent care, it is important that you do see a medical professional after an accident

In terms of the waiting times at each type of facility, urgent cares are typically faster at treating patients and are open all hours of the week/day. The majority of urgent care patients have a wait time of fewer than 30 minutes.

On the other hand, emergency rooms are places of high traffic, and if someone comes in who needs more immediate attention than you do, you will have to wait longer...sometimes several hours.

Cost Difference Between Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care
A major reason those involved in a car accident may skip over seeking medical attention is because they do not want to pay the prices associated with receiving treatment of any kind. While this is an obstacle for many, going to an urgent care or emergency room directly following an accident could save you in the future.

In general, going to urgent care is less expensive than visiting the emergency room. So, if you are concerned about the immediate costs of medical treatment and do not have life-threatening injuries, you may save money by going to urgent care.

Medical Documentation and Legal Matters
Going to either an emergency room or urgent care can provide you with not only necessary medical attention, but important documentation and evidence of injury. If you are involved in a claim against another driver, you could be compensated for medical costs as long as you have proof of injuries and receipts for the bills.

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