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Fall Driving Tips

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The transition from summer to autumn brings all types of change, including changes to road conditions. Each season presents unique driving circumstances and fall is no different.

Here are fall driving tips to keep you safe on the road so you can enjoy the beautiful things that autumn has to offer.

  • The colorful leaves may be pretty to look at, but leaves on the road can be dangerous, especially when wet. Driving on slippery leaves can be similar to driving on ice.  Leaves can also obstruct traffic lines, potholes, or pavement markings. Remember to use caution, drive slowly, and keep a safe following distance.
  • As kids, we all loved jumping into a good old pile of leaves that our dad raked up from the yard. But when these leaf piles are placed at curbside, they present hazards. Be aware of children playing in these mountains of leaves on the side of the road and never drive into a leaf pile.
  • The days are becoming shorter which means visibility is reduced. Turn on your headlights and watch for pedestrians walking or biking on the roadway at dawn, dusk, or night. Also, remember to check that all of the lights on your car are working properly.
  • With the time change, the sun rises and sets at different times. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car that you can wear to reduce sun glare.
  • The cool overnight temperatures bring morning frost. Keep a snow broom/ice remover in your car and give yourself extra time to clear your windows of frost before you start driving. Make sure your wipers and defrosters are working as they should. Also, be aware of frost on the roadways, especially when driving on bridges, overpasses, or in a shaded area.
  • Watch for deer! If you see a deer, proceed with caution and slow down as they often travel in groups. 

At LDM, we want you to have a safe autumn.  Remember to follow these tips, take precautions, and be prepared when you drive this season.