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Getting A Second Opinion

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If you've been injured by someone, the last thing you probably would want to hear from an attorney is: There’s no case. Remember, that's only one person's opinion.  You could still choose to have conversation with a second attorney to see if they may see something that may have been overlooked initially. Here’s how to recognize when you should persist with investing in the help you need.

Cases could be rejected based on a number of reasons. Sometimes the size or caseload of the law firm has more to do with why your case was denied than the substance of your claims. Say for instance, you were hit by an 18-wheeler of a huge multi-national corporation. A law firm already handling a lot of cases at that time might shy away from such a case due to the sheer volume of corporate attorneys they would need to confront from the large enterprise’s side to defend you.

Certain personal injury cases are denied because the odds of winning are just too low or too small to meet a firm’s minimum requirements. For example, the victim was either intoxicated or engaging in dangerous behavior. Some attorneys might view this as having lower chances of winning and not worth the risk for defending.

Most of the time, it never hurts to get a second opinion from another attorney regarding your personal injury case. If you feel that your case denial comes from a place of disrespect—or that the attorneys were not taking the appropriate amount of time to understand your case—you owe it to yourself to seek out a second opinion.  Seeking further consultations is definitely in order if you suspect that your case was denied due to the firm’s size. Ask the firm in question if they can refer you somewhere else. Unless your case is not worth the fight, most lawyers will at least give you another recommended defense team.

It’s deeply unfortunate, but sometimes you’ll need to seek a second opinion after you’ve already chosen a lawyer. If it’s been months since you heard any progress on your case or your lawyer is nearly impossible to reach and doesn’t treat you with respect, you have the right to fire your attorney and seek out better counsel. While it may slow the process, finding a lawyer who treats your case with respect is always a safer bet than wasting time.

Between costly medical bills, long recovery and the insurance companies trying to lowball you, it’s important to have legal representation that will believe in your case and fight for fair treatment.

At LDM Law, we balance aggressive battle strategies with measured courtroom tactics to deliver personal, quality representation.  Whether you’ve been denied by another firm or your current lawyer just isn’t cutting it, contact us today for your second opinion.