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Holiday Accidents & How To Avoid Them

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The holiday season is a time to appreciate all the blessings stowed upon us during the year. To keep you and your family safe this holiday season, read about five of the most common holiday season personal injuries, and some of the ways you can prevent them.

1. Car Accidents
On average, a person dies in a car accident every 13 seconds in the U.S. During the holiday season the risk of being in a car accident increases due to the greater volume of traffic. There are also more impaired, distracted, tired and stressed out drivers on the road. Poor weather conditions are also an accident-causing factor.
The best way to stay safe is to never drink and drive, always remain attentive and drive defensively. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle- just in case. Include a warm blanket, water, non-perishable snacks, and a fully charged cell phone.

2. Holiday Decorating-related Falls

Statistics from the CDC indicate that approximately 5,800 Americans are treated for injuries incurred while “decking the halls.