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Motorcycle Accident Disabilities and Safety

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As the first spring rains have washed away the salt and tar, many motorcycle enthusiasts are again taking to the streets and highways of Wisconsin.  As we kick off this much anticipated riding season it's important to be mindful of fellow motorists and safety. 

Motorcycle accident injuries are much more likely to cause permanent disabilities than accidents involving other types of vehicles because of the decreased level of protection offered by motorcycles. Disabilities are often physical and mental in nature, and can severely impact a patient’s life. About two thirds of motorcycle accidents involving an automobile were caused by driver of the car. If a motorcycle accident was caused by the carelessness of another driver, the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at LDM&M will be helpful in recovering costs associated with the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Disabilities

There are many types of severe motorcycle accident injuries that can cause permanent disability, including:

  • Broken bones

  • Neck injuries

  • Spine Injuries

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Injuries to the legs and feet

  • Amputations

Impact of Disabilities

In many cases, motorcycle accident disabilities cause patients to lose their primary means of income. This can make covering the costs of expensive medical treatments even more difficult. Patients may also need assistance with daily tasks and errands, and may not be able to drive. This can be frustrating and costly, as patients often need to seek the assistance of home care services. Patients may also need to have home modifications in order to accommodate equipment that is needed as a result of the disability, such as a wheelchair ramp or safety bars.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

If a motorcycle accident was directly caused by the actions of another, it is important to hire an attorney that has extensive experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. A knowledgeable motorcycle injury lawyer will best be able to present the facts regarding the impact of any disability, the cause of the injuries, and the costs to the patient resulting from the disability.

For over 40 years, Lebell, Dobroski, Morgan & Meylink has been representing families in motorcycle accident cases.  By working one on one, directly with their clients, the LDM&M attorneys have secured millions of dollars in awards for their clients.   If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in any type of accident, contact the attorneys at LDM&M for a free consolation and see what expert, devoted attorneys can do for you.