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Multi Vehicle Accidents

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If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, you may be wondering who might be held legally and financially responsible for your injuries.


Common questions include;

How do you file an insurance claim? Will you need to file multiple claims or just one? If you are partially at-fault, can you still recover damages for your injuries and loss?


Having questions such as these is quite normal after multi-vehicle car accidents. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer will not only help you get your questions answered, but will significantly improve your chances of maximizing your recovery from all responsible parties.


Multi-vehicle accidents are not uncommon and they frequently cause serious injuries. It is vital to determine who the at- fault driver was and what insurance coverage is available.  If there is not sufficient insurance coverage, then the next step is pursuing an under-insured motorist claim with your own insurance carrier. 


Qualified car accident lawyers such as the attorneys at Lebell, Dobroski, Morgan & Meylink frequently work with accident reconstruction experts who have the expertise and financial means necessary to uncover the true cause of a multi-vehicle accident. An expert can help determine whether driver error, mechanical failure, distraction, carelessness or some other factor contributed to the accident.


When an automobile accident causes a chain reaction that leads to a multi-vehicle accident, there are often a number of factors that played into the crash. In many cases, unless you have an accident reconstruction expert on your side, you may never find the true cause of the accident nor be able to hold each of those responsible for your injuries liable for their actions.


It’s also important to keep in mind that fault for the crash may be allotted to several different parties. You may be able to recover compensation even if you were partially to blame for the crash.


There may be many sources from which you can seek compensation following a multi-vehicle accident. Some potential sources include:

  • Your own insurance policy, including no-fault insurance and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM).

  • Insurance coverage on other vehicles involved in the crash.

  • The manufacturer of a defective vehicle or automotive component, if that was a factor in the accident.

  • The company that employed an at-fault driver if the driver was on the job at the time.

Multi-car accidents are so complex.  Therefore, it is important to discuss your case with a qualified car accident lawyer as soon as possible to begin an investigation of the crash.   LDM&M offers free review of your case, reduced fees and work around your schedule.   Contact us today!