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New Teen Drivers & Safety Tips For All

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The holidays/new year time frame leads to a lot of  auto purchases.  Many of those purchases, whether new or used autos, go to newly licensed drivers.    It's a day that comes with mixed emotions for parents, but at some point, your teen will probably get their license and be anxious to drive.   According to the experts at Kelley Blue Book, here are some tips on what parents should look for as well the safest cars for teens.

Safety is obviously, the number one concern for most parents.   Fortunately, there’s no shortage of safety features to choose from and many are becoming standard, like airbags. Manufacturers are focusing on adding features for accident avoidance as well as survival.  In some cases, a car might recognize a hazard faster than the driver and alert drivers accordingly.

Connectivity has become standard feature as well with autos.   When possible, parents should look for features that keep their teen connected to important and/or preferred apps and features and/or minimizes any driving distractions they might otherwise elicit.  GPS and voice activated calling that let drivers keep their hands on the whell are great!

Here are some of Kelly Blue Book's top picks for teen drivers.

Chevrolet Tahoe SUV 
Safety features include rear park assist and rear cross-traffic. Apple CarPlay and OnStar service, which offers automatic crash response and turn-by-turn navigation, keep your teen on the map. 

Nissan Sentra 
Sentra is as teen-friendly as it is tasteful. Only a few inches shorter than some mid-size sedans, the Sentra offers plenty of legroom and an upscale ambiance despite its lack of a turbocharged engine. 

Honda Civic
With new engines, fun, sporty styling, a roomy interior and tech upgrades, the Civic is a solid choice for teens. Safety and convenience features come standard, while the car handles beautifully. A suite of safety features includes adaptive cruise control and LaneWatch, a blind-spot camera.


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