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Summer Travel - Be Alert To Large Trucks

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Summer roads and highways see increased traffic with holiday travel.  All that extra traffic on highways makes it harder for commercial truck drivers to maneuver safely, increasing the risk of accidents involving cars and other trucks.  It is imperative that you take extra precaution when traveling in and around large trucks.   While a car to car crash accidents can be serious, car to truck accidents are even more likely to greater damage and injuries due, in part, to the size differences between the vehicles.  

The size and extra weight of trucks increases their stopping distance.  Add in a hazardous road conditions such as rain, and a large truck’s required stopping distance is greatly increased.  If traffic slows or stops unexpectedly, being in front of or behind a fast moving semi can be deadly.

Another cause of car/truck accidents is driver fatigue.  Truck drivers often find themselves working long hours without adequate rest. Federal hours of service rules limit the amount of time commercial truck drivers engaged in interstate commerce can drive without rest breaks. The rules are intended to minimize truck driver fatigue, which is a serious issue. But tight delivery deadlines may cause truckers to disregard the rules. Tired truck drivers have dulled reflexes and may even fall asleep at the wheel.

Here are some tips to help prevent your being in a car/truck accident:

  • Don’t linger in a truck’s blind spot.   Tractor-trailers have large blind spots in which smaller vehicles cannot be seen by the truck driver. Pass a truck or slow down to let the truck pass to avoid driving directly beside a big rig.
  • Avoid passing trucks on a downhill section of highway. Trucks tend to pick up speed on downgrades. Do not pass on the right side. A truck driver isn’t expecting cars to pass on the right side and is more likely to overlook you in a blind spot.
  • Reduce your speed, especially in heavy traffic.
  • When following a truck, allow plenty of space between your vehicle and the truck in front. Tailgating a truck is dangerous.
  • Anticipate that a tractor-trailer will make wide turns. If a truck has a turn signal flashing, do not try to squeeze by the truck. When stopped at intersections, do not stop in front of the line. Trucks need that space to make wide turns.

Have you or a loved on been hurt in a commercial truck accident? If another driver was at fault, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. Accidents involving commercial trucks may involve several insurance companies and can be more complicated to resolve.

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