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Thanksgiving Safety

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There are obviously more motorists out on the roads, so be extra cautious while driving.  With so much to do and prepare for, distracted driving is a serious issue during the holidays.  

Another safety hazard associated with Thanksgiving in modern times is the turkey fryer and other items utilized to cook the bountiful dinner spread on Thanksgiving.  In recent studies, the percentage of daily fires associated with cooking the Thanksgiving feast was up over 200%.    That is a lot of fires and possibilities for injuries or even fatalities.  

Never leave what you are cooking unattended.  Also be sure to thoroughly read directions and safety tips for the equipment you are using.  If you have children and infants running around, be extra cautious as they are frequently involved in kitchen accidents resulting in serious burns, cuts, falls, and more.  

Be mindful of injury sources outside the kitchen as well; lit candles, tripping/falling hazards on the floor, spills for slippery floors, electric cords, matches, lighters, alcohol, and poisonous hazards. 

Food borne illness is another issue that is frequently encountered over the holidays.  Be sure to utilize safety tips in handling and cooking food. After the meals, be sure to immediately refrigerate foods that can spoil once served.  No one wants to spend Thanksgiving or the days following with preventable foodborne illnesses versus family time and shopping.   

Allow yourself extra time to complete your holiday tasks and be safe.   Enjoy your holidays!

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