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Top hazards in the construction industry

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Carpenters, Electricians, and steel workers all work in settings where there are numerous potential health and safety issues.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are close to 12 million construction workers across the United States, and the fatal injury rate is higher than most other occupations.  Below, we look at some facts and the most frequent construction related injuries.

  • Over 28% of workers are Hispanic or foreign-born

  • Falls account for more than on in three fatalities in the industry

  • The next most common areas for fatalities are struck-by incidents, followed by electrocutions.

  • Fatalities among Hispanic and foreign-born workers have increased by 90% in recent years, far outpacing their employment growth

  • Small employers with fewer than 20 employees account for 75% of fatal falls


Falling from a ladder or scaffold. slipping off a roof or finding yourself unbalanced when you are high in the air. Falls from a height are the leading cause of injuries in construction workers.


Scaffold collapse as well as trench collapse can be very dangerous for workers in the construction industry. A cave in can make it hard or impossible to get out of a confined area, and a scaffold collapse can cause major injuries.


Working near live wires or accidentally touching power lines can be fatal or cause serious pain and injury.


Individuals working in construction often use heavy equipment and machinery. Hoisting a bundle of bricks or pipes in the air can prove dangerous if it falls back down. Getting struck by falling, swinging, or rolling equipment can lead to dangerous injuries, especially in this field. 

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