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Top Reasons For Vehicle Crashs & How To Avoid Them

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A car crash is a horrible event that we hope you never have to experience, however, many of us will be involved in a crash at some point.  Every year vehicle crashes result in thousands of injuries and deaths on the road.  The main cause of most crashes is human error. 

Here are some prime factors that lead to vehicle crashes:

Reckless Driving: Failing to abide the speed limit is the most common reason for crashes. Keep your speed in the controllable limit as prescribed by the state traffic rules and regulations.

Mobile Usage: There is no doubt in the fact that we all live in an age where mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our daily routine. But, you should never text or call while driving, no matter how important it is.  

Honestly, this is a rule that most of us are guilty of breaking, but texting and using the phone while driving is a safety issue.   Recent studies show that even hands free phone usage is still a significant distraction and lessens our concentration on the road.   

Many municipalities have adopted strict laws to prevent phone usage while driving.  In some cases where phone usage has led to a crash and death, parties have been charged with manslaughter.  Although the judicial system continues to look for ways to reduce phone usage while driving, crashes related to the issue continue to rise. 

Knowing these facts, try to eliminate or reduce phone usage in your vehicles.

Other Common Forms Of Distraction:  Smoking, eating, drinking and loud music can also lead to crashes.  Grabbing a bite of your sandwich, lighting a smoke or adjusting the volume may only take a second of concentration, but one second is all it takes for the unexpected to appear; a stalled car, animal or pedestrian in the road, sudden change in road condition, etc.

Stress or fatigue: Driver fatigue also contribute to a large number of crashes each year.  Make sure you're well rested before you get behind the wheel and remember that coffee isn't a substitute for sleep.  If driving long distances, make sure to take breaks to get out and move around or even take a quick nap if needed. 

Drink & Driving: Drinking and the use of narcotic substances is one of the most avoidable causes of most crashes.  In recent years, many states have adopted tougher penalties for DUI/DWIs including increased fines, jail time and revocation of driving privileges.   

Rubber Necking: Another form of distraction while driving that leads to crashes is checking out the surroundings and NOT the road ahead. Looking at surrounding people or vehicles on the road, scenic views, etc seem pretty innocuous, but then out of nowhere, you're involved in a crash.  

Defective automobile: Common auto defects can lead to crashes as well. Some items includes defective, worn or improperly inflated tires, seatbelts or airbag issues, general maintenance issues.

Poor Road Conditions:  Maybe roads have deteriorated and not been properly repaired or weather such as rain, snow or wind are a factor.  Always be on the lookout for sudden changes to road surfaces.  Pay attention to signage noting potential hazards such as bridges that freeze, falling rock zones and construction sites

There is always a reason behind a crash and it's usually preventable.  A little caution can safeguard you and your loved ones from injury.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicle crash, call us.   For over 40 years, we have been representing people across Wisconsin to help them get the justice they deserve.