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What To Do When Filing A Major Insurance Claim

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Many people will tell you that the most important and necessary thing you will ever purchase in your adult life is insurance. In many cases, that might be true, but not all insurance companies are as responsive and dedicated to you as what they would have you believe.  As with any other service, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – and the same goes for your insurance.  

Most insurers will help customers with minor claims for medical checkups and minor injuries. These are low cost items for insurers. However, in the event of a major accident, insurance companies are quick to send out adjusters to review damages and place a price on those damages in line with THEIR needs, not yours.

Many insurance policy holders never read their insurance policy.  Therefore, they don’t know their rights and what they’re entitled to, especially when it comes to a major claim.  The policy holder may sign contracts and paperwork without being properly informed. This means they could lose thousands of dollars’ worth of compensation (which would now have to be paid out of their own pocket) all because they weren’t aware of their rights.

The truth about insurance companies, their agents, and adjusters is this – they rarely ever care about the injuries and welfare of their insured. Insurance is a business driven by profits and paying the least amount possible for submitted claims. 

When you sign that insurance contract, you and the insurance provider are bound to the parameters stated therein. These, and your rights to compensation, are the concepts which will help you win the compensation you deserve. But because a lot of individuals are rarely ever involved in major claims, they often don’t have a clue what “just compensation