Arrest4.jpgOur Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience fighting federal and state drug charges. There are various consequences to a drug related conviction. You may lose your driver's license for up to 5 years, become ineligible for federally funded student loans, lose the right to vote, and be placed on extended supervision even after serving a prison sentence.

If you are a first time offender and the offense involves possession of a very small amount of controlled substance, the State will usually charge the offense as a misdemeanor. Penalties may include a fine, jail, or a term of probation. If you are a second time offender of any drug offense, a first time offender involved in possession of a controlled substance that is more than normal for personal use, or are involved in any type of delivery of a controlled substance, the State will generally charge it as a felony. If the offense involves large amounts of methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin or marijuana, the police may refer the matter to the Federal Government for prosecution.

There are many defenses to drug charges. They include challenges to police conduct, such as: illegal searches, forced confessions, wrongful traffic stops, and unlawful wire taps. We routinely conduct exhaustive investigations of government informants, cooperating co-defendants, and police officers whose credibility may be questionable. Motions may be filed which challenge any wrongful conduct by the police or prosecutor. We may also argue that the amount of drugs is more consistent with simple possession than with distribution or sale.

We also encourage our clients to enter into a drug treatment program when necessary. These outpatient or inpatient programs often make the difference in the ultimate sentence. Judge have broad discretion in sentencing. Dispositions in drug cases can include incarceration, work release, probation or a simple money fine..We may encourage our clients to enter a drug treatment program when necessary. Successful completion of such program will have a positive effect on the judge.