Arrest1.jpgSome of the most difficult charges which our clients face are those related to charges of sexual misconduct. Allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior bring embarrassment and shame to clients and their families. These cases are also usually viewed in a different light by the public. Our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of charges involving allegations of child sexual assault, rape, incest, child pornography, internet child enticement, and lewd and lascivious behavior. Because these matters are often complex, it is important to hire an attorney who is specially trained in the defense of sex crimes. Responding to an allegation of sexual assault or other sexually-oriented offense requires experience, scientific knowledge, and aggressiveness. Our attorneys have this specialized training. Attorney LeBell has taught other lawyers, medical professionals, and lay persons about sexual assault issues.

There are secondary consequences to a conviction for a sex crime. The court can require registration as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Registration can destroy opportunities for future employment and the ability to live peacefully in a community. In addition, a conviction for a serious sexual offense can lead to a life-time involuntary civil commitment even after the penalty for the criminal conviction is finished. If considered a "sexually dangerous" person, a person can be committed in a treatment facility indefinitely. Our office has litigated numerous "sex predator" prosecutions. Attorney LeBell has trained lawyers and mental health professionals in this subject during presentations in many states and Canada.

We retain psychiatrists and psychologists from around the country to assist us in evaluating charges of sexual misconduct. These professionals will evaluate the client and assist us in trial. Additionally, they may help convince the prosecutor and the court that the client is seriously addressing any underlying issues. Because the consequences of a conviction for such offenses are so serious, our skilled Milwaukee criminal law attorneys utilize every available means of defense.