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Probate Estate & Trust Administration

Our firm provides representation in all aspects of probate, trust and estate administration. It is our goal to assist our clients in using the most efficient procedures to complete administration. Formal proceedings may not be necessary, as informal administration or summary procedures may minimize the cost and complexity of the process.

We work in partnership with our clients to guide them through this complex and often confusing area of practice. Contact our firm in the event that you need assistance with any of the following aspects of the administration of an estate or trust:

  • Notification of heirs, obtaining a bond, admission of the will to probate and appointment of a personal representative.
  • Construction of unclear or conflicting provisions in the will or trust.
  • Resolving disputes with heirs or other family members.
  • Publication of notice to creditors, as well as settlement of the claims of creditors.
  • Managing assets of the estate and completion of an inventory of estate assets.
  • Completion of tax requirements and payment of estate and income taxes.
  • Distribution of estate assets to heirs and completing a final account and other closing requirements.

Our firm also provides experienced representation in trust and estate litigation. Litigation may be necessary in the event that a will or trust was unlawfully executed or was executed while the testator was not mentally competent or signed under the undue influence of another person. It may be necessary to make a claim against an estate. It may also be necessary to seek court intervention to stop the malfeasance or neglect of a personal representative or trustee.

In any trust or estate litigation, we provide the highest level of advocacy and competence to our clients to fairly and successfully resolve all issues brought before the probate court.

To learn more about representation in probate, estate administration, or in trust and estate litigation, contact Attorney John D. Dobroski for consultation.

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